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Reading Changes Lives’ so ‘SHARE A STORY’ with Jackie French, the Australian Children’s Laureate, today!

What is the Share a Story project?

  • Share a Story is the Australian Children's Laureate, Jackie French's, project for 2014 and 2015

‘There are a million ways to share a story,’ Jackie said. ‘To read to a child on your lap; to have a child read to you while you cook dinner; to read to the dog when it has to go to the vet to calm it (or you!) down; to join a storytelling session at your library. You can also tell your grandchildren what life was like when you were young over the phone or Skype or read to thousands of people via video conferencing.Stories tell us who we are. They teach us empathy so we understand who others are. They give us the power to imagine and create the future.’

Download your copy of Jackie French's Share a Story Calendar 2015 . For the use of this beautiful poster please consider making a $10 + donation on our GIVE NOW page to help ensure the future of the Laureate Award, an important advocacy role for children’s literacy and well-being.

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Who is Jackie French and what is a Children's Laureate?

Jackie French, best-selling author of over 140 books, including the iconic Diary of a Wombat and Hitler’s Daughter, has been awarded the role of the Second Australian Children's Laureate for 2014 – 2015. Jackie French is also the Senior Australian of the Year for 2015.

The Australian Children’s Laureate is an initiative developed by the Australian Children’s Literature Alliance, founded in 2008. The Laureate’s role is to promote the importance and transformational power of reading, creativity and story in the lives of young Australians.

How do I get involved?

Here are a number of ways to get involved:
- Read Jackie's manifesto
- Suggested Activities
- Book Themes of the Month (blog)


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